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Team Green Running

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2016 Summer Olympic Games


Dan Green

Head Coach

Phone: 936-443-3929

Team Green Running is a 501(c)(3) organization.
The team is actively recruiting sponsoring organizations whose values and goals align with our commitment to excellence, international competitiveness and life-long fitness.

Our Sponsors

Please support our sponsors.
They are helping Team Green Running train post collegiate athletes for Olympic and IAAF-level competition.

To learn more about our sponsors, simply click on the image below:

Dr. Stephen Clouthier owns and directs Alternative Health Center of The Woodlands. Practicing for 14 years, his clinic specializes in treating athletes holistically; creating a balanced structural, mental and nutritional/biochemical athletic machine. Clouthier athletes are biomechanically efficient and physiologically balanced. Nutrition programs are personalized.

Adrienne Langelier, MA LPC's work centers around athletes of all age groups and sports and has extensive experience serving elite youth, collegiate, olympic, and professional athletes. She began working with athletes shortly after obtaining her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology; pairing her background as a lifelong athlete with a passion for helping others.  Adrienne’s work is designed around the individual athlete’s unique needs, goals, and style. 


adidas is the official apparel and shoe sponsor of Team Green Running