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The Woodlands Track Team

Team Green Running is an elite running team whose mission is to recruit, develop and produce runners to compete at the very highest level of international athletics.

Two New Winter Camps!!

Dec 21, 22, 23


Dec 28, 29, 30  

Speed and Endurance are two key components to success in most sports. We want to help athletes gain an advantage in both areas.

Training Programs & Groups

Team Green Running is a running club designed from its inception to help athletes at all levels and abilities in their quest for excellence. The club's focus is on distance running and supporting runners in cross country, on the roads, and the track.

Please support our sponsors.
They are helping Team Green Running train post collegiate athletes for Olympic and IAAF-level competition.


Team Green Running is a non-profit organization relying on funding from sponsors to provide our athletes with the necessary means to train and compete at the highest level.



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2020 Sponsors

McLemore Building Maintenance Olympic Development Team Sponsor
Tom Sherwood Olympic Development Team Sponsor
The Terry Family Olympic Development Team Sponsor
The Mendenhall Family Olympic Development Team Sponsor
The Gardner Family Olympic Development Team Sponsor
Michael Davis Olympic Development Team Sponsor

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TGR's primary goals are:
- to develop post-collegiate distance runners at the National and International level 
- to train and assist open and masters runners to compete at the State and National level
- to develop youth programs that educate and supplement school programs

TGR athletes are coached by Dan Green, one of the most successful running coaches in the nation and the former head coach at the Woodlands High School responsible for 16 Texas State Championships in Cross Country and Track, and many individual State Champions.

"Winning is a by product of commitment, hard work and sacrifice."

~ Dan Green

Dan Green

Head Coach

Phone: 936-443-3929