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Adult / Post Collegiate Training

The two most difficult steps to fitness are getting started and staying committed. Our programs are built on motivation and fun! We want to help you be an inspiration to yourself, your friends and your family.

Training - 40meter thru Marathon

Endurance training is much more than jogging. Once athletes experience a level of fitness; setting new goals is the next step. These goals can only be achieved through specific training programs. TGR offers an individual or group training schedule to help you attain your goals.

Monthly Personalized Training

Coach Green will design and build a fully customized program just for you. Using the training principles that have led to his Elite athletes success, your program will gradually but progressively guide you toward your race goals. It will include any tune-up races you have as well as vacations, school, work, travel, etc. a fully personalized training plan. You'll train optimally and avoid the pitfalls that come with following a generic program. You'll become a better runner, Period. Regular interaction is critical to ensuring that coaches can modify schedules based on individual results, health issues, weather, etc.

  • Custom daily training schedule to obtain your goal
  • Adjustments as desired for race and life changes
  • Help set realistic goals
  • Race strategy session
  • Priority access via call or email to Coach Green for feedback anytime
  • Join weekly group training sessions - Wed PM, Fri AM &  Sun AM
  • Cost - $140 month

Training Programs are tailored to your specific running environment, history, goals and designed to address your strengths and weaknesses. Programs can begin at any time and require a three-month commitment so the athlete and coach can build a strong relationship with measurable results.  Athletes will receive their monthly training schedules and are expected to communicate regularly with coaches regarding their progress. 


Although we strongly believe that a coach can best assist a runner to set and achieve goals through face to face meetings and hands-on guidance, we understand that individual circumstances vary and some runners may not be able to attend any of our weekly sessions. In these circumstances, e-coaching can be the next best solution.

Contact: Coach Green for more information

Weekly Training Sessions

                                      Pick one or pick 2.....

             Wednesday Night Track Training - $25 per month

                 Friday AM Hill/Loop Training - $25 per month

             Sunday AM - Supported Long run - $25 per month


Ladies Running/Walking Group

Ladies Running/Walking Group








The Ladies group is entering its ninth year this year and the women involved have done an incredible job and their fitness shows it. They have developed into an inspirational training group and the bonds of friendship and team have grown with every practice. We will be there to support and motivate each other from lacing up the shoes and getting out the door; to washing the sweat and mud off of them after the workouts. The ladies meet for lunch on Thursdays at 11 after their workouts.


Tuesday 9:00 am -Terramont Park

Thursday 9:30 am - Windvale Park

$80 per month

Register & pay onsite