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Invest in the Road to Excellence

Family, friends, fans… no dream-chasing happens without your support. 
And there is no pro running without sponsors.
Our philosophy about sponsorship? Quality over quantity.
The people matter. The intention matters. 

Competing at a world-class level is a full-time job requiring a year-around commitment. Your financial contribution to Team Green Running will assist athletes with living expenses, travel costs, health care, therapy, training costs and entry fees.

Team Green Runnings athletes success is made possible through the generous support of our company and individual sponsors

You Can Make Their Dreams Come True


Making the 2020 Olympic Team is now the sole focus of our athletes.

We truly appreciate your generous support!

Team Green Running is a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution.
Your contribution is tax deductible under the Internal Revenue Service code.

2018 Partners 
Making Dreams Come True

Dr. Stephen Clouthier owns and directs Alternative Health Center of The Woodlands. Practicing for 14 years, his clinic specializes in treating athletes holistically; creating a balanced structural, mental and nutritional/biochemical athletic machine. Clouthier athletes are biomechanically efficient and physiologically balanced. Nutrition programs are personalized.



At Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, our team of fellowship-trained physicians and experienced therapists take the time to truly understand each patient’s needs. With a wide range of physician specialties and therapy technologies available in our offices, our staff is well equipped to help patients prevent and treat orthopedic injuries and conditions. We give each patient our complete focus and make them feel as though they are the only patient we have in the office. We also want their experience to be convenient. This is made possible through a full set of on-site services.

PhotoSource is a family-owned store in Spring, TX that offers high quality photographic, scanning, printing, video, and framing services. We've been serving the Houston community since 1983! The photography industry has transformed dramatically over the years, and PhotoSource has changed with it. We no longer sell darkroom equipment or cameras, but we now offer the best photographic services around. We've found that in an era where most prints are being ordered online, we can replace that impersonal, automated experience with the value of real humans, expert skill, and exceptional service.


Klean Athlete is the line of daily supplements that professional athletes trust to maintain their health, stay safe and remain compliant. Intended for everyday use, the entire Klean Athlete line is NSF Certified For Sport® and formulated by some of the highest-regarded health professionals in the industry. Klean Athlete is the best choice to keep professional athletes healthy the entire season, amidst the stresses of training, travel, games and competitions.

2018 Sponsors

Tom Sherwood Olympic Development Team Sponsor
Patrick Yarbrough Olympic Development Team Sponsor
Oak Ridge Animal Clinic Olympic Development Team Sponsor