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Competitive Youth Training

Purpose: to provide event specific age appropriate training. 


TGR competitive groups are specifically designed for athletes with a desire to take training to the next level.  The best way for athletes to do this is not only to practice at a higher level, but also to compete.  The most specific practice an athlete can do is participation in competition.  Since coaches cannot duplicate a competition in practice, participation in meets becomes vitally important.  

Starting this year, TGR will be putting on our own competitive track meets and cross country meets for our athletes, in addition to participating in USATF sanctioned cross country meets during the fall XC season.

(Note: in order to participate in TGR meets or USATF meets, all registered members must be current on their membership and training dues)

2024 Annual Registration

Cross Country & Distance Training

Team Green's Youth Cross Country program provides age appropriate distance training for athletes 7yrs through High School. 

Our athletes won't just come and run mileage. Coaches will teach runners the purpose of the various types of training and when and how it should be implemented. For distance runners involved in school programs, the competitive group is designed to act as supplemental training program. Often times athletes are zoned into programs that simply don't provide the training necessary to take runners to the top. We will assist athletes physiologically and psychologically in realizing their potential.

Sprints & Speed Training

For years TGR has offered speed training for athletes in all sports, now we are offering group training specifically for track athletes. The training focuses on block starts, sprint and hurdle technique, with some basic conditioning.

Teaching the technical aspects of starting and hurdling and relay exchanges takes time and man power. Very few High Schools and even fewer Jr. Highs can do an adequate job due to their numbers and too few coaches.  


**** Training Schedule *****
Events calendar reflects any changes


Monday 6 pm @ The Woodlands High School Sr. track 

Wednesday 6 pm @ The Woodlands High School Sr. track

Thursday 6 pm @ The Woodlands High School Sr. track

Sunday 6:30 AM  @ Terramont Park

        Sunday - 6:30am - Long Run - Jr. High & HS athletes (6 - 10 miles)
        Monday - 6:00pm - Conditioning, plyometrics, core & hill training 
        Wednesday - 6:00pm - Aerobic threshold training 
        Thursday - 6:00pm - Speed Training 

Sprints Group:
        Monday - 6:00pm - Conditioning, plyometrics, core, hurdles & hill training
        Wednesday - 6:00pm - Speed Endurance & hurdles
        Thursday - 6:00pm - Speed Training 


For up to date meeting locations & times Contact Coach Green

Annual registration required to participate in monthly training.

Cost: Monthly Training - $120 

Annual Membership - $100

Quarterly & Sibling Discounts available

Not sure this is the program for you? Come check it out Monday, Wednesday or Thursday before signing up. 



  • The Competitive group has the opportunity to hear guest speakers.  These sessions are lead by professionals in the field of sport medicine, sports psychologist, and others in the running field, as well as motivational speakers. 
  • The competitive group is divided into Distance and Sprint groups, each with a designated coach to lead the event group.  This naturally allows for a lower coach/athlete ratio which gives the athletes a better quality and more personal instruction. 
  • Having the two distinct groups better lends itself to training that is more specific to the athlete's needs.


Training schedule: athletes are not required to attend all sessions

All youth athletes enrolled in training with Team Green are required to register ($100 non-refundable) annually. As a registered member, you receive a membership with USATF or AAU providing you with insurance coverage during practices and youth meets & events.