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Development Youth Training

Development Training Program

TGR offers developmental, non-competitive & competitive running opportunities and training for ages 5 and up, beginner through advanced. The athletes advance at their own pace based their ability to complete specific workouts and skills. The emphasis of our program is on developing strength, endurance, speed, and positive self-esteem. Most of all, we pride ourselves in training our athletes in a safe and fun environment. Athletes build core strength, as well as discipline, and this better prepares them to be successful in any sport they wish to pursue. Our program uses the sport of running to challenge our participants to explore and expand their potential. This approach enhances the involvement of our athletes in athletics including, of course, cross country & track.

The coaches of the developmental program  not only have experience, but they have a passion for teaching young people. Our staff coaches and teach athletes, not content or sports. 

All athletes in the Developmental Program are allowed and encouraged to participate in TGR track and cross country meets.

Training Schedule - athletes are not required to attend all sessions.       Developmental Program is 2 days a week.

(Note: in order to participate in TGR meets or USATF/AAU meets, all registered members must be current on their membership and training dues.)


****Training Schedule *****
2 days only, choose any 2 days

6:00 pm

Monday  @ McCullough Jr high track 


Wednesday @ McCullough Jr high track


Thursday  @ McCullough Jr high track


Conditioning, Plyometrics, Core & hill training,

Aerobic threshold training,

Speed & Speed Endurance Training

For up to date meeting locations & times

Contact Coach Green

Cost: Monthly training - $90

Annual Membership Registration- $85

Quarterly Discounts available

Annual Registration required to participate in monthly training

All youth athletes enrolled in training with Team Green are required to annually register ($85) non-refundable.

All youth athletes with Team Green Running will be registered members of USATF and will be affiliated with Team Green Running.

Not sure this is the program for you? Come check it out Monday, Wednesday or Thursday before signing up.