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Youth Training Programs

TGR athletes are highly motivated and eager to train seriously to improve their performance and develop their skill sets, whether that means becoming competitive in their age group, trying out for their school teams, becoming faster for their school teams or compete in track/cross country meets in and out of season. TGR athletes train with a purpose and help their teammates to do the same.  

TGR is different from others clubs; TGR is a year round youth running club that offers daily afternoon & evening practices as well as summer XC and Speed Camps. Our running club allows athletes to experience different aspects of training all year from different running seasons to climate changes to different terrain training.

Early training for any athletic activity is the key to success in sports today and physical fitness understanding for tomorrow. An athletes ability to move, think, and develop a positive self concept is dependent on the type and quality of the many environments in which he or she interacts. The athletes body is the starting point for all learning. Giving your child the opportunity to develop these much needed skills is our goal at TGR.

Beginner Speed & Endurance Running

Level 1:

In an effort to get more youngsters involved in the sport of running, we are offering a training group for children "K" through 6th grade. We will expose this group to all elements of running: cross country, track and road. Our goal is to teach running efficiency, foster a positive attitude about running, and have fun.

Meet Monday & Wednesday from 4:30-5:30 pm at Alden Bridge Sports Park - field #1.



Registration is completed with the Woodlands Township and can be done online, by phone at 281-210-3950, or in person at The Woodlands Township Recreation Center.

Non-competitive skills training: K - 6th grades.

Monthly Fee: $80

Fall Schedule 2023

  • September 11 - October 4
  • October 9 - November 1
  • November 6 - November 29 
  • December 4 - December 27

Development Training


Level 2:

Training for ages 5 and up, beginner through advanced in the sport of running. The athletes advance at their own pace based on their ability to complete specific workouts and skills. The emphasis of the development program is to build strength, endurance, speed development, and a positive self-esteem. Most of all, we pride ourselves in training our athletes in a safe and fun environment. This is a perfect supplemental program for athletes preparing for their upcoming soccer, football, lacrosse, basketball or baseball seasons.

Competitive Training


Level 3:

Consists of athletes competing in track meets, cross country meets or on the road. The Competitive training group is divided into Distance, Sprint and Hurdle groups, each with a designated coach to allow for a low coach to athlete ratio. Each group concentrates on event specificity. The training will be tailored to the training age, the ability, and time of year. For Jr high & High School runners involved in a school program, TGR will provide a year round supplemental training opportunity. Age and ability are not a criteria for membership in the competitive group training.

Not sure if it's the program for you?

Come join in on a training session before signing up. 

Private Speed Training

Speed is a skill, and skills can be improved!

Often times in sports (lacrosse, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, softball, etc) time will not permit coaches to work on speed training. Coaches concentrate on game fundamentals and strategies. However, speed is not just genetics, as once thought. It has been scientifically proven numerous times that everyone can learn how to increase their speed, quickness and agility. If speed is important in your sport then you need to improve it!!

Contact: Coach Dan Green for more information

Private & Small Group Training

For those interested, private or small group instruction is offered in the areas of speed training, distance training, or track and field event training year round. Call or email to set up an appointment.

Contact:  Coach Dan Green for more information

Dan Green

Head Coach

Phone: 936.443.3929

Team Green Running's purpose is to give youth in the community the opportunity to train, compete and experience Cross Country & Track, while promoting the ideals of: Teamwork, Good Sportsmanship, Good Citizenship, and Honorable Character. The TGR Youth Competitive team is a USATF & AAU club. Participation in meets is not required.